Arctic Scavengers Review

Winter is cold and wet and harsh. Imagine if the world was plunged into a post apocalyptic state of permanent winter. Like a scene out of the movie Snowpiercer,your huddled survivors will be slowly acquiring new people and sending away useless ones.

A deck builder that features the harsh depths of fridged survival. Arctic Scavengers is a very fun and thought provoking card based game.

Arctic Scavengers features a modular approach to deck builders, and if you have the Recon expansion then the game expands even more.


A basic game will see you strapping on your snow shoes and digging through frozen junk yards for Medicine and well needed upgrade cards. This will also be the place that you harshly evict those weak refugees, who are doing nothing more then crowding your community.


Hunter’s and gatherers will combine their hunted animals along with medicine to attract the attention of better families and mercenaries. The backbone of your community requires you to be choosy in who gets to stay.


Finally the tribes and community’s fight over newly discovered resources. Literally pitting their communities very best against each other. Sometimes the struggles end with the winner being  just who has the most amount of warm bodies on the field of battle.


As more games are played, new elements are introduced.

Buildings are now being built in the communities. They allow you to store away needed supplies. Increase your food supply and store up weapons for the upcoming battles.

As a community grows, leadership is established. Leaders will set the trend for victory.


Do you have what it takes to brave the harsh climates of Arctic Scavengers?

As always, play more games,

Clinton Morris


We are very excited about the progress our own game Casting Shadows is getting. We will be doing  updates on it later this week.

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