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Smash Up Cyborg Ape Pirates

Smash Up Cyborg Ape Pirates

This week’s Smash Up Deck Spotlight featuring the Cyborg Apes and Pirates. A lawless group who uses ill gained tech to overcome all others.

This sounds like something directly from the movies. The terrible Apes have gained electronic implants and artificial intelligence modules. Now they have made plans to steal the world best bases. Revealing their true nature, by raising the flag of Piracy.

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Backers Perspective: Episode 2

It is another amazing Friday, which means another episode of Backers Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this type of article, it is me (Clinton Morris) scrolling through all of the boardgame projects (there were 498); Then I discover a few that I think the rest of you would like to enjoy.

What is in-store for us today? Games about magical guardians coming to the ones who tie briers around trees. Deep Space adventures and my love for Firefly (I cry a tear every time I think about how we were robbed of more seasons). A bag of holding for gamers who use dice, have tons of dice, have terrible luck like me and chucks their dice. Let’s dive right in. . .
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