Autumn Ritual

Autumn or Fall Rituals

I think that everyone has their own way to mark the change to autumn. Whether they go and get their favorite drink (Pumpkin Spice), or go take a walk in the leaves, or maybe it’s putting up the decorations that were collecting dust in storage. But what every “it” is, I think that it is important to have your ritual.

I look forward to the changing to fall in several ways throughout my life.

When I was living in Wisconsin, the ritual was to buy a hot cup of coffee and walk in the brisk weather, allowing the steam creeping off the top of my cup to warm my hands, and listening to the leaves crackle in the trees.


When I was in Florida, the ritual was to change the background on my computer to autumn themes, brew a hot cup of coffee in the French press and imagine the leaves cackling. In Florida there is a small window when autumn happens, but it could be over in a few days, and if were unable to catch the moment: the magic was gone.


Now that I live in Arkansas, I had to come up with a new ritual. The solution presented itself 2 years ago when I went to Panera Bread Co. and discovered Cranberry Orange Muffins for the first time. They are a symbol of the changing of the seasons; because they are seasonal for Panera (they come out the first weeks of September and end quickly February/April). I try hard to get these muffins when they first come out along with a tall cup of hazelnut coffee. For me this creates a perfect changing of the season ritual. My wife, DeAnna, changing of the seasons rituals are different than mine, her’s is the eating of her token bag of candy corn. Now that I have kids, I think that I will be adding more rituals to come. I look forward to seeing what we add.


What is your changing to autumn ritual? Please post in the comment section.


Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games

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