Backer’s Perspective: Episode 1

The Backer’s Perspective is a blog article featuring me scrolling through all the Kickstarter Boardgame Projects, and reporting on a few that interest me. I do not have the time or space to deal with all of the awesome projects, but each week on Friday I will talk about a few.

This blog article will post every Friday, as long as there are cool Projects to post about. If you would like me to review your project please contact me at


The first project that I looked at this week was Endangered Orphans. The project leaped out at me with its amazing artwork, and clever theme.

When I first saw the game’s blurb and the artwork, I immediately thought of Series of Unfortunate Events. The book series was one that stood out to me as a child, and now here is a game that speaks of Orphans trying to avoid danger.


The game developers speak in sarcastic tones about how this game will do no good, similar to Lemony Snicket’s writings. This level of sarcasm also attracted me to the game.

If you like games about backstabbing and endangering Orphans, then this may be the game for you. The board is developed through placing cards building the city in which your Orphans are hiding. You are trying to out live the other Orphans, by keeping your deck of Options alive. You are also trying not to run into the Boogy Man. Some pretty interesting stuff.


I first played the game Alchemists a few weeks ago, and this game Nectar stuck out to me immediately as a similar game. The game is about collecting ingredients to create the purest potions.

You are in direct competition with the other Witch Doctors to create a potion of Resurrection (a prized potion among the Witch Doctors). The board had great artwork, and also the components looked exciting.

Nectar 2

The game has a more in your face, competitive nature, then Alchemists. The ingredients are played out in the open, and those players that complete the potions are able to use the cards on the ends (pots). This seems like it could be a ton of fun, and definitely a game I will be keeping track.

If you like bright artwork, and an engaging competitive style game, than Nectar may be a game for you.


I love chucking dice as much as any other gamer. Dice throwing games like Dungeon Roll have always held a special place with me, because they are easy to play at work.

This game promises to come with tons and tons of dice, which represents different races of warriors. These warriors will be used to attack your neighbors towers and score you victory points.


I really like the look of the box art, and the game promises to have even more cool artwork. I watched the How to Play video and thought that the game has some definite potential.


Each of these cards represent different colored and sets of dice that will be used to fight. As the game progresses you will be making hard choices on whether to buy bigger and better troops or to raise defenses.

This game promises to have many many more dice in the works, if they can meet certain bench marks. While the initial pledge level is quite high, the overall quality of this game is going to be very nice.


This is an amazingly small game that fits into a Metal Altoids Container. You and your competitors are competing to build the best towns, and at the same time you are adding up victory points.

Your choices will gain you more mints (workers) which you will use to either gain more buildings or ways to get more mints. This game is intense and quick, while at the same time carrying such a small footprint.


There are many big named game reviewers that have both backed this game in word and deed. You really can’t get hurt by a game that costs less than 2 cups of Starbucks Coffee.

This game is already up and running. It has met its funding goals, and now is on track to smash through many of its stretch goals. I have played Coinage quite a bit, because of its extra small foot print, but their is something even more special about how cohesive and small Mint Works really is.

I was very interested in the Tin games that came out in the last 2 years, that came out with David Miller. The Pirate and Alien Tin Games and his most recent game Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse. This game packs the same level of punch, and maybe more so.


The game boasts that every part of the game is a series of negotiations. This is my type of game. Any game that allows us to negotiate every part of the game reminds me of those politically fueled games that I have played.

Killer Bunnies is one of those type of games for me, but before you say something about Killer Bunnies realize this game is nothing like Merchants of Araby except for the negotiating aspects.

This game is about trading, bartering, buying, negotiating your way to great wealth. Your wealth is what you will use to propel you through the game, but also will ultimately allow you to win the game.

Araby 2

The box is a piece of art. It is magnetized, allowing it to fold out from around the box/insert and then becomes the game board. I felt like this was an ingenious design scheme.


This alone makes me what to back this game, not to mention that the artwork gives this game a Five Tribes and Tales of the Arabian Night vibe. It effectively captures the feeling you would get from being a Merchant in the ancient Arabian world.

I am going to follow this Kickstarter very closely, because the game is going to be amazing to play.


There is a TV show on the History Channel that tries to go into the life of the Vikings. While there already is a board game that has tried to encapsulate the TV Series called Viking The Board Game, but this game has failed in my opinion.

Many licensed products that become Boardgames have not excited my since I played Walking Dead Boardgame, it was disappointing and nothing like the comic/book.

This game Viking Raid & Conquer is a card game, that joins together many aspects of the TV show, along with the photos from the show. This is important to both fans of the show, and to gamers in general. The art looks to be excellent, and the over all feel of the game is intense.


I like that the game has hidden move features, and the ability for simultaneous election of actions. While I have not been able to completely investigate the game, I will say that it is on my Starred list.


If you have ever wanted to enter the harsh but beautiful world of Scandinavian Vikings, than this game will easily capture your attention and imagination.

The price point is not ridiculous for a card based game either, and that is another great reason to look into this game. The creators of it seem very committed to developing the best Viking game possible, and I do hope the succeed.

That is all for this weeks Backers Perspective. I hope I was able to show you some amazing projects. Some of which you may have heard, and a few that may not have been on your radar.

If you are a game designer looking for someone to review your game, or even to play test it. We would be excited to participate. Contact me at

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris

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