Backers Perspective: Episode 2

It is another amazing Friday, which means another episode of Backers Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this type of article, it is me (Clinton Morris) scrolling through all of the boardgame projects (there were 498); Then I discover a few that I think the rest of you would like to enjoy.

What is in-store for us today? Games about magical guardians coming to the ones who tie briers around trees. Deep Space adventures and my love for Firefly (I cry a tear every time I think about how we were robbed of more seasons). A bag of holding for gamers who use dice, have tons of dice, have terrible luck like me and chucks their dice. Let’s dive right in. . .



Well first I want to give a shout out to Petter Schanke Olsen the creator of Kill the King. This has been a game I have been following on social media for quite some time. A few months ago, while I was strolling through the many posts of Bloodrage in Boardgame Group this popped up.


I quickly discovered that this was a very engaging military strategy board game set in the feudal age. I immediately was drawn back to cold winter days with the snow filling up the streets. The snow caused a Snow Day (an off day from school). My dad who worked a bit from home, would break out the hot chocolate and coffee, and me and my sisters would endeavor into an intellectual bout of Attack! or Napoleon in Europe.

Any ways this game immediately gave me that warm delicious vibe, and I think that it is definitely worth checking out.

The game also has three modes to play in, which really adds to the over all replay-ability of this game. This is shaping up to be a fantastic war game.


I have always found the artwork and comics that Penny Arcade puts together to be whimsically fantastic and this new game proves to be equally in line. A shout out here to Jim Darkmagic (Mike Krahulik)  and Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins) for having the fortitude and foresite to build such an amazing project.

This game is shaping up to be amazing, and one of the coolest features is you can try it right now. They have a totally free “print and play” versions of this. I have been seriously contemplating on hitting up the local Office Max or is it Mart (which on went bankrupt? does this even matter? its all just paper, maybe I should go to Kinkos. . .)


These are the Thornwatch, a group of magically enhanced and fully leveled hero types. The world you are in has been ravaged by strange evils and the citizens have summoned you through the tying of knots around trees.

It is a beautiful story filled world, that emulates the action you get from an action packed adventure married to the elements of a comic book.


All of the components look like they are going to be amazing, even the prototype material looks good enough to be owned.


This looks like it is one of their more recent renditions of the prototype and artwork designed for Gen Con. The game has a very eerie look to it.

The great thing about this game, is that it truly is its own world. Also Lone Shark and Penny Arcade will be bringing 2 more interactive stand alone games that will be fully integrated with the other games.


Here is a mini game that is all about Sheepies battling for delicious cakes. I thought that this game looked like a nice addition to the smaller footprint deception games that have been on the market. Similar to Coup, but for 2 players, or 4 if you buy more than 1 game.


The artwork was cute and simple. The game looks incredibly simple to learn and many games can be played out.

Even the story line is whimsical and silly. I really like the way this deception game looks and


Loose dice, messy dice boxes, and lost dice have always been a frustrating aspect to being a DM (Dungeon Master) for D&D. Its terrible when you want to make an attack and realize that your favorite d8 is missing. Happens way too often to me, but my players love this because I then have to roll one of their less lucky dice.

These beautifully constructed cinch bags made from several premium products are a great answer. Also these will make a perfect gift to any gamer. Another cool thing to note is these bags are not just for dice, they can hold game components and even a few miniatures.

These are going to be extremely useful. Another great feature is the 13 pockets, that is a ton of organization space, each type of die is getting its own pouch.


I did not back the first game that came out. It was beautiful and had a very cool game play mechanism to building a tile based kingdom and using oversized miniatures (representing your army) to do battle.

This expansion offers to make the game from a 2-4 player experience to a 5-6, along with some semi cooperative play.


They are offering to allow the backers a chance to purchase these two games as a bundle deal, The price for this is 100.00 plus a 20.00 shipping fee. I am still on the fence on whether this is going to be worth it.

However the game as a whole is down right gorgeous. Their artwork and pieces are clearly top notch.

Take a look at how amazing these expansion miniatures look, and they are equivalent to the base games quality.





After watching these miniatures spin for a while, I may become hypnotized into buying the game because of its brilliant art concepts.

I am blown away at the attention to detail, and if you want something truly beautiful on your table, I would recommend checking this game out. Is it worth the 120.00? Lets ask that a better way, was is the value of truly beautiful art?


This is a game that I instantly backed, and also had to pick up the base game (shocker I did not own it yet). Interstellar travel, merchants to the great beyond, a game so huge, but it fits into such a tiny space. Is this the Tardis of games, and the answer is Yes.

I love the concept of space travel and sci-fy adventure. I watch Star Trek: Next Generation growing up and wished that somehow I could be just a passenger on the Enterprise. One of the cool things is that they (Gamelyn Games) got Wil Wheaton to play the original on Tabletop Season 4 (I hope this airs soon).

As with all Gamelyn Games, the artwork is great, the design is compact, and the concept close to flawless. If you are in the market for a space game, or even for a space game that is small enough to be taken in a back pack, then look no further.


The game play is straight forward, and can be quickly taught to people over lunch. These are the kind of games to take to work and play with your coworkers. Take them to college and challenge classmates and roommates over a race to the stars.




How will you impact the galaxy, how will you touch the stars?


May you fly like a leaf on the wind, may the force ever be with you, may you engage the stars and other life forms with your style of justice and hospitality.

That is all for this weeks Backers Perspective. There was another project that I wanted to talk about but I am not certain that the game is in English, but here is the video for MAGUN it is in German:

If you are a game designer looking for someone to review your game, or even to play test it. We would be excited to participate. Contact me at

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris

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