Backers Perspective – Top Hats and Treachery

Here at The Morris Standard, we got to take a first look at an exciting new “take that” card game called Top Hats and Treachery.  by Andrew Prowse and Rogue Artist Creations Ltd. If you liked Gloom and story telling card games with a Victorian era characters, then this game may be for you.

The Premise:

You are a hotel owner in the busy streets of London, with the goal of attracting some of the world most famous people. Your competition (other hotel owners) are trying to build an exclusive clientele. The problem is that there can only be one hotel that has the very best people.


Enter the servants, each hotel has servants who whisper the news from place to place, bolstering the reputations of your guests, while at the same time tearing apart the lives of the competition.

If your opponents guests seem to be getting to famous, or if your own guests have become too marred in the public’s eye, then you can plan the early demise of said guests through Grim Reaper Cards.

Which Hotel will reign supreme, the only way to find out is to play Top Hats and Treachery.

The Breakdown:

The game is fairly quick, it seemed like it could easily be played within a 20min time period.

It is not rules heavy, and could easily be taught to new players (making it very friendly)

There are two separate rules sets, that definitely lend to replay-ability.

I can not judge the actual components, because I had a PnP style review game. But what I have seen of the sample artwork, the game will be eye catching.

The game plays the opposite of Gloom. Your goal is to bolster the egos and reputation of your people and keep them alive, while destroying and killing off everyone else.

Story telling is a very fun added benefit, and definitely should be encouraged. Each of the cards has a tiny snippet to start your tale.

My Thoughts:

I really was unsure of what I was going to think of this game, as I was printing it out and getting it ready to play with my wife. I was unsure if my wife was going to like it, but after we played through one game, we were both very pleased.

The game is both fun and funny. While there is this a “take that” mechanic built into the game, the fact that these cards are played as rumors of the servants, made the game light.

The game is engaging enough to play multiple times as the main game of your evening. It is small enough to come with you to the restaurant, but big enough to keep most everyone engaged.

I ran the game through my play group, and everyone else was greatly amused by the story telling features. Everyone quickly caught on to the rules, and were loudly telling the tales of their patrons.

How Do You Play:

Everyone starts the game with three characters that represent three stages of life: Rich, Middle, and Poor, and also a 5 card hand. The picture below shows the Middle Class people.


Then the game proceeds through 10-15 rounds of players playing a card from their hand, and drawing a card. It really is just that simple.

The cards that are being played from your hand come from one of three varieties, RED (nasty and dreadful rumors or death), Green (amazing and uplifting tales), or YELLOW (special events that can improve the lives, or add more guests to increase your reputation).

After all of the rounds have been played, the final scores are tallied up, and one players Hotel becomes the most famous.

If you would like more up to date information and videos, go and like:

Click Here: Top Hats and Treachery

THIS GAME is coming to Kickstarter in the near future, please go and check it out.

Thanks for dropping by, and make every night a game night.

Clinton Morris

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