BANG game review

BANG game review

BANG game review

I love this game. Think back to a simpler time in your life, where you playing cowboys and Indians in the backyard, or maybe it was the bandits and the town sheriff. But whatever it was , it was fun to play make believe. Here is a game that can bring your adult self back to the days of the wild west. This is the Bang game review.

BANG game review – Overview

I am a super visual person, so here is a video that goes over a simple overview of the game:


BANG game review – The Box

I really like the way this game is packaged, the bullet shape to the box is made out of a low grade metal. The Cards have been able to stand up to quite a bit of abuse.



BANG game review – The Set Up

The first thing that happens, is the role cards are shuffled face down and distributed face down. The player with the sheriff card reveals himself, everyone else stays hidden.



Once everyone has a role, the players receive 2 character cards, they choose one and the other is flipped face down and represents the life points.

20150202_203858 - Copy

Then the players are dealed out cards equal to their individual life points. Once these matters are taken care of the game begins with the sheriff. He draws 2 cards and then gets to play, as many cards as he wishes (certain cards can only be played once per turn).

BANG game review – The Goal

Every different Role has a different Goal (yep it rhymes):

Sheriff and Deputies: Kill the Outlaws and the Renegade – Sheriff must stay alive the entire Game, or both groups lose.

Outlaws: Kill the Sheriff – seems easy, but then once you shoot the sheriff you signed your death sentence, so you and your team needs to be ready. Normally outlaws thin out the other players before doing this. The big problem is that no one knows for sure if you are an outlaw or not.

Renegade: Hardest job in the game. Sides with the sheriff and tries to kill off everyone else, saving just the sheriff and himself. Then duels it out with the sheriff to win the game. Crazy Role (if you play an 8 player game, we have 2 renegades, we say they are on a team.)

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    1. That is great James. I like how this game creates interesting interactions in families. My sister gets so nervous playing this game, she is always afraid of guessing wrong.

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