Blueprints Game Review

Blueprints Game Review

Competing to become a world renown designer and architect, you are in charge of the materials, the plans although randomly distributed are yours for the customizing. There is no one stopping you from playing the game the way you want too. Creativity and taking risks win games.

When I was growing up I was very interested in architecture and how buildings were put together. I moved into playing with Lego’s, using the dump, search, and customize method. As an adult I still have my Lego’s, but the idea of playing a game with them (while appealing) is not as possible.

I am finishing off my master piece. Its not going to win a lot of awards, but its right. 🙂

Blueprints Video Overview

Here is an over view of the game, and also a walk through one round of the game as well.

Blueprints My Thoughts

I really enjoy this game. Even though there is quite a bit of luck based elements (rolling dice, random drawing of materials, random selection of blueprints) the game still allows for players to deviate from the normal play and rewards for these kind of risks. 

I often do not built the actual buildings, go for whatever is going to get you the most points. The faceup Scoring of glass bricks is a great point hedge for when you are trying to go for some of those additional awards, but also want to go for the big points and win the first prize.

This game is not very fun to play with cheaters. People who are willing to change the dice numbers and also positions of their dice are not fun to play with.

I also thought that their ability to break ties with the most wanted materials was very interesting too. The game is close to a mini game, but with enough strategy to be a light main course. Once everyone knows how to play the game, rounds do not take very long.

What do you think? Will it be a game that sits on your shelf, or will you pass on it? Let me know in the comments.

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Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games

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