Boardgame Art is it the selling point

We want to be wowed when it comes to the game art and the content. But is it the only thing that is selling games now days? Would a game that has a great concept and fun game play be much less because of a lack of good graphics and components?


I believe there needs to be a balance to game play and components. When you are buying a game, you are purchasing an experience that should speak to both the players and watchers.

Companies that take the time thinking through the components and deciding if they are visually appealing go far. Take Stonemaier Games as example. They have made beautiful and functional games, and because of this have drawn a huge audience. In there most resent feature called Scythe, you see the artistic endeavour.


With the rise of Kickstarter powered board games it has become easier to discern quality of games based on a micro picture of a game and a title. Is this fair?

Last month I scrolled through all 618 games on Kickstarter and clicked on 12 games, because they had appeal in their art and game design. Is this a normal experience?

How important is game art to you, how many games have you turned down because of the art?

Clinton Morris

Happy Gaming and Merry Christmas

One thought on “Boardgame Art is it the selling point”

  1. I think having a professional looking game is the most important thing. Glory to Rome, and Suburbia are examples of games where the art on the game is very minimal, but the game is still very good.

    I’ve never bought a game just because it looks good. Games are for the most part too expensive for that. That said, if the game doesn’t look good, I’m more likely to pass it over on the shelf.

    A good looking game isn’t a guarantee for a good game, so I think we’re in an age where you have to have it all. There’s something like 6,000 different games out there. The components and art need to be good, and the game also needs to be good. If you don’t have both you’re just another name in thousands.

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