Captain’s Wager Review

Pirates and Steam Punk themed trick taking game. Claim your place amongst the other Captains of the Air. Players will duke it out for treasures that they will turn into gold for the end of the game.

This is the Poker of the Steam Age. . .


This game has a small footprint, and the artwork is very provocative to the theme. Steam punk pirates is played through a course of rounds and hands very similar to Poker and other trick taking games.

Players will put down treasure cards as bets so that they can play the game. Either they will put a treasure card into the center worth 1-4 gold but also have different helpful powers.


Players will use Crew Cards to help them win the treasure. These are similar to getting dealt random poker cards to help you win the pot (represented by the above treasure cards).



Every player gets 5 crew members who  have different strengths represented by the number in the upper left corner and a power as shown in the text. One of these cards will be played each of three hands.


Players get these handy player aids to help you look at the odds that a player could have a higher card in their hand.

The frustrating thing about these player mats is that they have the Kickstarter Exclusive on the back and this is not mentioned any where in the rules. We felt that we were missing out on some game elements.


Each of the pots are won through the course of 3 encounters, the player who has won the most of these encounters gains all of the pot. If their is a tie, then the pot gets split between the players

Over all this game has great artwork and has a level of strategy to it. This is not my kind of game though. I do like trick taking games where the highest card wins and you are able to mentally duke it out with your opponent. This game did not give me many options, but I also have to admit I was playing a 2 player game.

The 2 player game is a special rules variant, and to be utterly fair, I should have tried it with more. Some trick taking games you are able to play effectively with 2 players. I do recommend playing this game with more players, and I wish I had been able to.

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris


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