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Arctic Scavengers Review

Winter is cold and wet and harsh. Imagine if the world was plunged into a post apocalyptic state of permanent winter. Like a scene out of the movie Snowpiercer,your huddled survivors will be slowly acquiring new people and sending away useless ones.

A deck builder that features the harsh depths of fridged survival. Arctic Scavengers is a very fun and thought provoking card based game.

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The World of Smog, On Her Majesty’s Service Review

World of Smog

When I think of Steam Punk style artwork, I drift to giant gears, obviously steam, top hats, floor length dresses, steam, brass, lanterns, cool monocles, and mystery. The game I call SMOG has seemingly all of these key components.

The Queen of England has requested that the major investigatory clubs send their most daring people into the heart of the World of Shadow, and bring back the four artifices of the other world.  Continue reading The World of Smog, On Her Majesty’s Service Review

Backer’s Perspective: Episode 1

The Backer’s Perspective is a blog article featuring me scrolling through all the Kickstarter Boardgame Projects, and reporting on a few that interest me. I do not have the time or space to deal with all of the awesome projects, but each week on Friday I will talk about a few.

This blog article will post every Friday, as long as there are cool Projects to post about. If you would like me to review your project please contact me at

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