Dragon Hazard – Backer Perspective

Dragon Hazard is a cooperative tactical strategy  game, where a group of powerful heroes quest, gear up, and potentially slay the monstrous Dragon.

Dragon Hazard

On the surface, I like the look and idea of this game. The artwork is fun and whimsical, in all actuality it reminds me of an early Fire Emblem.


The video I was able to watch of the gameplay, gave the game a straight forward goal set.

  1. Adventure and Free the outlying towns
  2. Level up and gain access to strong abilities
  3. Finally awaken then Dragon and Defeat it. The game seemed to play quick (30-45 min.)

Dragon Board

Pros: The game looks conceptually pretty. There are quite a few customizable heroes. The game play is quick to the point, and supports a decent size player grouping.

Cons: Replay-ability is not high on this games skill set. Dice luck, every turn you roll the dice and then are allowed limited options. The quests needed a bit more flavor and development.

The Kickstarter, while capturing the bright artistic world of Dragon Hazard,  needs some direction. If this game is to have a chance at launching, it needs these aspects.

  • The base games price needs to be lower, or more value (reasons to play again) need to be added.
  • World wide shipping options need to be more defined and less costly. If shipping costs are half your games cost you may need to find another option.
  • Info overload on the Characters, give us 2-4 of the characters, because not many will read your entire page.
  • A need for game reviews.
  • Read and incorporate A Crowdfunder’s Strategy by Jamey Stegmaier

I really hope that there are solutions to the above situations, because a relaunch of this game would be something I could get behind.

Go check this project out and let me know if these comments are fair.

Backer Perspective: is my own personal opinions about games that I see on Croudfunding Sites. You can take these comments as you see best.

Clinton Morris


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