Dust Review

This is not a remake of Risk. Imagine a world where the German Army discovered Alien Technology and used it to enhance themselves. All of a sudden Alien Technology is popping up across the world, and instead of the Allies winning the War, the battle is still raging.

Dust answers this question with a huge box full of plastic and cardboard. This is a 2-6 player tactical, area control, victory point, dice chucking game.


 I have always loved Risk growing up, but it has become a mindless totally luck kind of game that has caused many a d6 to go flying through the air.

Dust has similar battle ideas like building up super armies and smashing your friend’s super army in the face.

Games start out with the typical land grab, but includes a capital location (resource generator) and Places of Power denotated by the red bullseye spots (resource and Victory Point generators).


The board has a handy dandy Victory Point tracker at the bottom and these points flow in through control of Power Plants, largest army, largest sea army, and even having the most factories.

My favorite feature of the game is the Command Deck, which indicates turn order, how many times you can attack, additional production points, and also an asymmetrical power that you can use this turn. The artwork on these cards is great, but because it is slightly vague in its iconography, it will have you reaching for the rulebook often.


These cards really control the flow of the game. My favorite is the Secret Gas Attack (fart joke intended?) It allows you to forcibly make the enemy army retreat before the fight even begins.

The players pieces are fantastic. Molded plastic tanks, mechs, bombers, fighter jets, and subs, along with the neutral factories.


Obviously this game, like most war games, has a ton of luck in its battle mechanics. This is where the d6’s come in to play.


The game forces players to build large armies to help midigate the “luck” aspects of the game. The d6 has 4 black sides and 2 hit sides.


Each of the different pieces has special effects and pricing. The Mechs are my favorite unit for the cost, plus the mini is super cool looking.

The game ends when players hit a certain pre determined Victory Point total, the Premium Game rules says that a game will last 2-3 hours which seems fairly accurate. One of the other features the game comes with is a separate longer game. I don’t really like the longer game, the original hits just right.


So if you are in the market for a war game, may I suggest trading for this game (games out of print and people want stupid money for it).

My least favorite feature is the board is puzzle shaped and the cardboard is easily warped. Definitely recommend putting in absorbent beads in the box to counter this.

Happy gaming everyone,

Clinton Morris


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