Kickstarter Backer Perspective Episode 4

Hello there it’s Friday, which means another episode of Backers Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this type of article, it is me (Clinton Morris) scrolling through all of the board game projects on Kickstarter (there were 279); Then I discover a few that I think the rest of you would like to enjoy.

What is in-store for us today? Games that are set in fantastical forest kingdoms ruled by a queen; a party style game built around a steampunk inspired contraption; a beautiful tactile game that says that it will be the new dominoes; saving the world through the crafting of mystical brews; and then dropping into the colorful world that looks like it was ripped from the pages of Dr. Seuss. . .



The first game that attracted my attention last year was this crazy looking contraption. This game is built around putting black and white pictures into the device, and then you and friends try to use limited information to correctly guess the actual picture.

This game is by Seth Hiatt and plays 2-6 players

I was immediately reminded of going to the Kids Zone, a local science for kids store. We loved looking and touching all the awesome gadgets that were for the scientists, and this game has a cool scientific feel.

The other awesome aspect to this game is that it is 2-6 players. I do not have enough games that fall within the 6 player category that isn’t either an epic tome of a game or a quaint party flavored game.

The game has a Steampunk look and feel that also adds to the flavor, and the rules are super simple. Check this game out for yourself.


You must watch the video for this game. It is both hilarious and epic at the same time. A kingdom that is war ravaged learns that there is more to living than war, and this uniting element was found through a magically mystical brew.

This competitive brew crafting game is by August Games and plays 2-4 players. The artwork for this game is thematic and the overall feel harkens back to the world that is being created. A world united through a new magic, the magic of BREW CRAFTING.

Your goal is to create the most consistent brews from your brewery, through making strategic choices about the different elements that you are adding to your recipes.


Immediately, I was drawn in by the blend of Ghostbusters meets Dr. Seuss. This must be what it looks like to be pest control in Whoville. I love co-op games, and Pests!’s reviewers tout that this game is Pandemic (yes, that amazing game) but lighter.

The board is modular which means that their is huge replay-ability within this Pest filled box. The game is by Spontaneously Combustible Games and plays 2-4 players.

Your goal is to exterminate these varied crazy pests from the house you have been contracted to clean. Your group must accomplish this before succumbing to the hordes of infestations. Catch your copy before it skitters away.


This game is beautiful and incredibly easy to play. In fact if I had a copy of this game, it would make an appearance at every family gathering. The concept is very easy to grasp and the tactile nature of the tiles look fantastic.

This is the type of game that you could get even your “non” gamer friends to enjoy. The Grid Game claims that it has reinvented Dominoes, and while that claim is a hard to make, I believe that they may be onto something. Whenever I visited my grandparents they would have dominoes out on the table. We would watch as these games would play out, but they were not as beautiful as The Grid.

This game is by Porres Ismael  and plays 1-11. I do not have many games that can support even close to 11 people, and this game is engaging enough to do this. It reminds me of another beautiful game I played as a child called Crosstrack (a game of laying tiles to create a path to the other side, before the other player could).

I would highly recommend checking out this game out.


So this Backers Perspective seems to be dominated by Co-ops, but these are the games that are standing out to me. This last game has fantastical artwork placed in a mythical world dominated by animal and human heroes.

The goal of the game is to complete quests and missions to save the town. Monsters and terrible hazards are trying to destroy the eliminate the town folks. You have been tasked by the Queen to create peace.

This game was designed by David Gerrard and plays 2-4 players and if cooperatively saving a kingdom with immersive stories and great art interests you, check this game out.

If you are a game designer or publisher looking for someone to review your game, or even to play test it. We would be excited to participate.

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As always play more games,

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