Kickstarter Backer Perspective Episode 5

Hello there it’s Friday, which means another episode of Backers Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this type of article, it is me (Clinton Morris) scrolling through all of the board game projects on Kickstarter (there were 252); Then I discover a few that I think the rest of you would like to enjoy.

What is in-store for us today? Several games set within the infinite voids of space, either competing through diplomatic supremacy or winning race filled missions, and then off to the evil sanctum where you become the baddies protecting what is rightfully yours; after that we will dive into the depths of the dungeon as Orcs. Our last stop will be a mythical world of shifting realities. . .

Kickstarter Backer Perspective:     Episode 5


When I discovered that this game was going to be made again, I was very excited. Every time that Ryan Laukat works on this rendition he discovers a new board game. Above and Below and Islebound are both the results of his attempts.

This game proves to be far different than its predecessor. Empires of the Void I was more about the combat and collecting of planets through military conflicts, this game looks like it will be about the diplomatic endeavors and the story lines of the planets.

The artwork for this game looks incredible, and seems to be another big selling point for Red Raven Games. I love the artwork in Ancient World and as Ryan progresses he seems to get better and better. There really is a consistent theme that is carried out through his boardgames and this is such a refreshing aspect.

Go back this game on kickstarter, I did.


Farlight has a feel of Galaxy Trucker (which is a great thing). You are biding on ship designs and allocating resources to build a starship that is mission ready. You are competing against other companies through phases to collect the best ship.

The price is very good for a game that boasts lots of replay-ability. Another great thing is that this game is on Tabletopia so anyone can give it a try and decide if this is the Space Racing game for you.


You are the monsters who rules over your own Castle, but unfortunately the towns people will not leave you in peace. They come to destroy your inner sanctum and ruin your long laid plans. Those irritating villagers have even called in local hero’s to hunt you down.

The concept of playing as the bad guys has been one that I really enjoy. Games that have a betrayer/traitor element are ones that I particularly like to play, so when I found out this game is a co-op about being the bad guys, I was immediately interested.

The game and its artwork are extremely nice. Also it has very quality miniatures, that look incredible. If you like games where you get to be the baddies, check this game out here on Kickstarter.


Here is another game about being the bad guys. Okay so Orcs can be good guys (thanks D&D) but they are in the archetype of being evil. This game is a semi co-operative dungeon delving game where you are sent on missions into an ever changing dungeon environment.

As you are collecting loot, you can exchange it in with the local goblin merchant. The game has several classes of characters, which look fun to play. As soon as I began watching the video, I had a Diablo 2 feel to the game .

Orcs, Dungeons, and a whole lot of replay ability, check this out on Kickstarter.


Craig Van Ness, lead designer of Heroscape, and Jeff Van Ness are the creators of this game. This game claims that it is a Euro based Card game with player interaction.

The game is played over 3 realms, where players are attempting to gather resources in order to get resources

I have enjoyed playing HeroScape, and love the MageKnight titles, and this game looks like it could be in the same vein. Check out the video below and go back this on Kickstarter.

If you are a game designer or publisher looking for someone to review your game, or even to play test it. We would be excited to participate.

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As always play more games,

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