Killer Bunnies Game Review

Killer Bunnies Game Review 

One of the most controversial games, I have ever had the opportunity to play. This game will bare the deepest and darkest motives of your friends and family. Do not let the cuddly cute nature of the game fool you. 

The game is best sumed up this way. It is a game of card manipulation, political deception, constant bluffing, shallow alliances, blood pacts, revenge, twists and turns, mob boss mentality, insane power mongers, but only if its played correctly.

Killer Bunnies Overview

The first thing to notice is how large the card piles are when you have all of the expansions put together.


But do not let that scare you from playing this amazing game. The game is very simple and straight forward in its rule set.

The object of the game is to buy/claim carrots and get lucky by picking the carrot that matches the carrot on the bottom of the small carrot stack. (If this thought bores you, and if you feel that this is all the game has to offer, then do not play.)


The real objective is to not only do the above, but to extort other players into giving you carrots, through threats and bribes of course. As the game progresses, people will play bunnies into the “bunny circle”.


These bunnies allow players to play advanced cards, and you can not win unless you have a bunny in the bunny circle. These bunnies are sacred, and some have special powers allowing players to play multiple cards a turn, or provides the player with other skills.

Since the main commodity during the game is Carrots, but the only way to win the game is to have both a carrot and a bunny in the circle when the last carrot is either bought or obtained from Kabbala’s Market, there will be many opportunities to use weapons/starvation to wipe out other players bunnies. The game offers 3 different stores to the players to shop in, giving anything from game winning Carrots to buying back the dead Bunnies.

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Now the game is not all about picking on people, because there is an element of the “Protector” in the game as well. It is he or she who steps in and shuts down the bully. This then forms an alliance of players who stand against the Mob Boss/Terrorist/or even evil group.

The rules allow for players to trade and give anything to any player. We have noticed that this also has allowed us not to play cards on people as well. For instance the main threatening cards in the game are either weapons or starvation(Feed the Bunny), and these cards do not have to be played by the player revealing them.


He instead can threaten to kill someones bunny unless they pay him off (through carrots, money, saved special cards). This creates a checks and balance in the game, where the player “losing” (she has no carrots) can gain carrots through extortion.


Now the end game is kinda of sad, if you do not spice it up a bit. For instance when the last carrot has been bought, do not quickly reveal who won. I do not mind if the Mysterious Place and Zodiac winning cards are revealed quickly, but do not flip to the bottom of the small carrot deck.


This is extremely anticlimactic and will ruin the game. You did not just play an hour to two hours for a 15 second reveal. So the player revealing should flip the cards one by one allowing everyone to see who is still in the running and so forth. There is a nicer feel to the end game when done this way.

There is soooooo much luck through out this game, but realize that it is also a social game too. Get in there and play on emotions and do what you got to do to stay in the game. Pretend to care for a bit and this game actually takes on an interesting life.


Let me know what game I should check out in the comments.

Happy Gaming,


Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games

I had to design a box special for all of my cards, I used the original and expansion boxes to help form this super box.

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