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Have you ever wanted to be a Gangster? Running the night to night affairs of a large syndicate on the verge of overloading a City. Mobster Metropolis offers its players this an unique gaming experience into this dark and mysterious underworld.


Key aspects of Mobster Metropolis gameplay:

  • The strategic and economic perspective that comes with the creation of a gangster syndicate.

  • A sense of scheming, as everyone secretly plot their attacks and defense before simultaneously revealing their plans.

  • The possibility to surprise other players through card interaction and participation in events.

  • New unique game mechanics and parts, such as the Drive-by Selector.

  • The unavoidable conflicts and rivalry triggered by attacks on other player’s assets.

  • A fairly small quantity of luck involved, which may be influenced by bonuses from cards and assets.

You are the embodiment of a 1940’s gangster during a turf war for the collective heart and soul of your city.


Each gangster has a unique special advantage that allows you to do more in one of the different phases of the game.


The main game board is the metropolis full of the turf that you are trying desperately to claw your way through the ranks of the gangster families. As you continue to play, you will develop more advanced tactics through the buildings and multi-tactic Black Market Cards.


These turf structures gain you more money and gain you more reputation. The game completely changes each round through the use of the Newspaper Deck. The Newspaper Deck is a mini crisis deck, that can be either a negative effect or a positive effect.


As you play over the 5 rounds will you be the one that comes out on top? This game is 2-4 players, and the components look very nice overall. Below is a quick video reaction video to Mobster Metropolis being played, allowing a look at an overview.

Details about the Creators:

STORMAKTEN Production was founded by a trio of childhood friends, taking their game interest to a new dimension.

After ample procurement, our ambition is to print Mobster Metropolis in cooperation with well-known Panda Game Manufacturing, which has printed beautiful games like Dead of Winter, Merchant & Marauders and Eclipse: Shadow Rift. For more than half a year, we have had discussions with a team from Panda in order to develop the best possible quality components, such as the unique Drive-by Selector.

My Thoughts:

The Kickstarter page has a nice feel to it. The video has some great elements to it (voice over, the gangster artwork and overview), but it was a bit long and windy.

The page itself has a nice layout that draws you into the story line of the game, and lays out the pledge goals along with the stretch goals in a fairly organized manner.

Biggest problem is no video review from a known boardgame reviewer (if there is one, it was very hard to find it). This would have helped a game like this immensely, and given me more confidence in the project overall.

The Second Problem is the cost of the Shipping to most of the countries. A 9-20 dollar shipping cost is not an accurate enough number to gauge overall cost, and I feel like this was a turn off.

Regardless of those two notable problems, I think that this project looks awesome. The micro graphic was compelling enough for me to click on it, and the layout of the project got me thinking.

What do you think? Check out the project here.

Backer Perspective: is my own personal opinions about games that I see on Croudfunding Sites. You can take these comments as you see best.

Clinton Morris


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