Shadow Mage the Beginning

Shadow Mage the Beginning

The game first became a reality back in 2007, where it went by the name of Regent. The first time this game was played, it was with several bored college guys, with chess, checker, scrabble and sorry pieces on a chess board.  The rules were made up as we played, and the game was more of a joke than a real idea.

A recent play through with some friends


As the weeks went by Regent became more than just a joke, but rather a 2 hour long game that was played many afternoons at college. The game finally took on a consistent form .

Shadow Mage the Journey

I needed to make pieces and help the game develop its own reality. I learned how to make pieces and felt that the theme of the game had really matured. The theme was warring animals fighting over the jungle for the treasured loot “coffee beans“.

Original pieces from the game “Regent”

This game went through several years worth of play testing, and new ideas were added to the game. The problem was I did not know how to market the game, find people to publish the game, and also raise the money to complete the journey.

I then believed that the theme of the game needed to change. The game evolved from animals to a new idea. The “Sins of War” was born, but many of the former players/testers came forward and asked that the theme change back to something more familiar, and then Shadow Mage was born.

Shadow Mage the Game

I wanted the feel and look of the game to both resemble that of my former idea, but also to take on a life of its own. After doing a bit of research it quickly became clear that plastic pieces were not going to be cost effective.

I then turned to wooden coins. I knew the artwork had to be solid, and also demonstrate the idea of Shadow Magic. So I hired my friend, William Chandra to do the artwork. Below are a few of the nearly finished concepts, and I feel that they capture the essence of the game.


Here is a teaser on how the game works:

Shadow Mage is a 2-4 Player Strategic Board Game, that incorporates Checker’s capture, Chess’ unique piece movement/powers, Resource Management.

You are a Shadow Mage. A summoner of ethereal shadow beasts used to attack and defend. You and other shadow summoners have come to the forbidden forest to prove you strength and cunning. The Forest is represented currently by a 9×9 Square Board

Every Player has 9 coins that represent their shadow spirits. These are placed in your 3×3 Square corner representing your Sanctuary of Power. The goal is to capture one of your opponents Shadow Lion, or to move more Shadow Pieces into their sanctuary (thus capturing their sanctuary).

The current Shadow Spirits that are able to be summoned are:


Each of these pieces have their own unique movement and or powers.

As the game is played out, some players may have the upper hand, and nearly over power another player. But since the game ends once one player is eliminated, the player being defeated gains shaky alliances from the other players. Obviously their goal is to stop the advancing player and kill the weakened one for themselves.

Never trust the Shadows in the forbidden woods, for here there be monsters. . .


Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games

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