Smash Up Steampunk Tricksters

Welcome to this week’s Smash Up Deck Spotlight featuring the Steampunk Tricksters.

I did not know if this combination existed, so I Googled it. Google told me that a steampunk trickster would look like a scantly clad Harley Quinn playing with a Jack-in-the-box. So what does this deck do?

When I first started playing this game, the Tricksters were a group seldom used, because they are a bunch of trolls. Fast forward a few years and you get the creation of the Steampunks. A burlesque crew of woman lead this Action packed clan forward.


The claim to fame of this deck is the words: “play on a base”. The deck has so many cards that do crazy things to bases, which will cause other players to turn into sour faced grapes.

Tricksters love to make it harder for people to interact. Everytime people get close to them, they are handing out wedgies and sticking firecrackers down people’s pants.


They love to play Russian Roulette with your cards. “Oh you wanted to play cards; you were holding out for an awesome combo; Where did all your cards go;”¬†will be the terrible things you get to say.

Steampunks are actually very nice to everyone else. They have grace and charm, and I think they make up for the insufferable Tricksters.


The Steam Queen is such a laid back leader wanting nothing more than solidarity for her Actions. The rest of the crew want you to have a fist full of “Play on base cards”.

Their steampunk influence allowed them to create amazing mechanical contraptions, boosting their powers into blow out wins.


I have enjoyed playing this polar opposite combination for quite some time. Mostly I play it because I can be such a troll.

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris


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