Smash Up Cyborg Ape Pirates

Smash Up Cyborg Ape Pirates

This week’s Smash Up Deck Spotlight featuring the Cyborg Apes and Pirates. A lawless group who uses ill gained tech to overcome all others.

This sounds like something directly from the movies. The terrible Apes have gained electronic implants and artificial intelligence modules. Now they have made plans to steal the world best bases. Revealing their true nature, by raising the flag of Piracy.

Go Sail the 7 Seas!

Cyborg Ape Pirates never say please!

They inject themselves with futuristic tech

because they have such a long trek!

To the Treasure trove the roam

“when will we find it” they constantly moan!

This deck is a combo deck at its heart. The deck does not do extremely well outside of its two 6 card combos. And the two lowly 2 point cards are its best cards for winning.

Pirates hate to leave the game. You can increase their happiness through the attachments that the Apes share. There is a rumor that Black Beard landed his ship the Snot-ick-ka in Congo. While the crew was there, they were forced to take on these Cyborgs.

The true reason to playing this deck is these Minions

Things get heated up when the deck begins to reveal its true nature. You really want to be playing out a First Mate along with Shielding. These two cards are the beginning to a monstrous combination of turns. Every turn after this, will be slapping down extra Actions to the First Mate, who will grow quickly to a 13 point powerhouse.

The beauty lies in the Special ability of First Mates; they literally stay on the board and move to another base carrying their beastly attached actions with them. This causes much dismay amongst the other players who do what they can to slow your progress.

First Mate loves Cyberevolution, Shielding, and Juiced Up; save Flying Monkey for George

Furious George is a very angry monkey, and if you can not boost a First Mate, focus on these rascally Minions.

The huge draw back is that this deck has the worst time drawing cards. It really does not know the meaning of refilling the hand. Just like real Pirates this deck is Card Poor.

Missing Uplink is best played to a Shielded First Mate, your hand will be refilled quickly

The Cyborg Apes did not bring weapons to this fight, so there killing potential is low. However this is not true for the Pirates, who bring the big guns.

She is one angry woman, that lady in red, she is always killing the little guys

If your opponents are trying to run away with bases by playing many low level minions, blow them up. You also have a nice combo destruction move vs. those pesky higher cost minions as well.

Dropping Bombs and living to tell the tale.

Place down  a Buccaneer and target is with a Powderkeg. This crafty combo will take many players off guard, and will clear a base in a hurry. From the pictures it look like someone had a very bad time in a bathroom.

Have you ever walked into a public bathroom and been greeted with the smell of death? The other day I was changing my son’s diaper and I was greeted with a vile green liquidic pile of sewage. This combo is similar to that, except for the fact that the perpetrator gets away with it. Well you understand.

Play this deck carefully. You do not want to run your First Mates out until you have away to protect them. Play your other minions and actions. Hold onto Shielding for the First Mates, this goes for Missing Uplink as well.


For some strange reason when I play this deck, I am reminded of Treasure Planet. The Cyborg Space Pirates looking for their long lost treasure.

It is a deck that is very straight forward, and I would consider this a good deck for newer players. Obviously the concept of the deck would need to be explained.

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris


2 thoughts on “Smash Up Cyborg Ape Pirates”

  1. I was thinking Wizard Apes would be a powerful team up: Wizards get to play extra actions, and Apes get a lot of actions.

    I did have a chance to play Secret Agent Cyborg Apes, and that was very powerful. My opponent was playing Dinobots, which a fat guy at a gaming club I know swears by.

    Secret Agents let you draw extra cards and stack your deck. So I was able to put Clyde on the board and starting piling the augments onto him, including Juiced Up, Shielding, and Flying Monkey. Clyde stayed on the board and grew to a power of like 15. When the base broke, I used Flying Monkey to move Clyde to another base. Clyde’s special ability is that the Action Cards go back to my hand instead of the Discard Pile, so whenever Shielding or Flying got used, it went right back on him. I had to play carefully to make sure that I would be able to re-play Flying Monkey before the base I played Clyde to broke too.

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