Smash Up Deck Spotlight Zombie Pirates

Smash Up Deck Spotlight:

Zombie Pirates or is it Pirate Zombies

Welcome to the League of Le… (uh hummmm, Let’s try this again) Welcome to the Smash Up Deck Spotlight, featuring the Zombie Pirates – the dead men who quickly tell all tails.


Zombie Pirates PlayStyle Analysis:

Zombie Pirates are a quick acting overwhelm deck with limited control/destruction features. The main goal of the deck is to over whelm a base with your minions, while messing with the graveyard for recursion effects.

The Main Minions:


The main threats in this deck lay within these 3 minions. The Walker while not super exciting, does allow you to dig through your deck faster, getting to those must have cards.

The First Mate has incredible staying power, and draws most of your opponents agro/card destruction. Pretty much a straight forward play, and always a great card to pull from the graveyard with your revival effects.

Tenacious Z has the same incredible effects of the First Mate, and its ability to be played as an extra minion makes it one of my favorite 2 power minion in the game.


These 2 minions are both a powerful combo (Play Grave Digger bring Zombie Lord back to hand, drop him next turn for big pay offs) and also nice graveyard search and play tools. Even if these end up in your starting hand, they are great turn one plays, because of the decks amazing graveyard actions. You will feel as if you have 2 decks you are playing from, your draw deck and the graveyard. This makes you into some weird Necromancer.

The Main Actions:


The Zombies do not bring with them much in the control realm, so Pirates are forced to bring in what the can. They do not have much in the from of high end destruction, but they are the bane of any small minion decks. As you see they pack in 3 different cards with power 2 or less minion destruction. This is not incredibly exciting except to help mitigate other rush decks.


Once again the Zombies do not disappoint on the action front. They have more and more graveyard recursion, which truly makes the deck a power house. They Keep Coming has the most bang for its buck, and allows you to effectively take a base where you were not even in a scoring position. These actions will keep your opponents on their toes or force them to play decks that feature graveyard shuffles. 

End Thoughts:

Over all this is a powerful deck even though it does not feature the control branch of some of the other powerhouses. This deck consistently preforms, and its combos are easy to pull off.

Even though the deck is seemingly straight forward, there are some combo’s and effects that take some thinking through. I would recommend this deck to a first time player. 

Do you like this style of deck analysis?

What other decks would you like to see?

There are 666 deck combinations currently in Smash Up, should I cover them all?

Happy Gaming,


Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games

2 thoughts on “Smash Up Deck Spotlight Zombie Pirates”

  1. Level 1 Feline Elf Yakuza Trader Thief with Pink Stamps, Loaded Dice, and a Rogue Sidekick helping kill Bottle Bottle says:

    > Do you like this style of deck analysis?


    > What other decks would you like to see?

    Trickster-Aliens, Wizard-Apes, Shark-Tornado (because, well, Sharknado), Snake-Airplanes, Tornado-Bear Cavalry.

    > There are 666 deck combinations currently in Smash Up, should I cover them all?

    Yes, please.

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