Smash Up Game Review

Smash Up Game Review

Have you ever taken 2 amazing things and put them together? For instance I love coffee and pancakes, so I put the 2 of those things together, and for me it was amazing. I have had similar success with coffee and porkchops.

THIS is what Smash Up does, takes thematic decks of cards and smashes them together creating a fantastic Scifi/Fantasy mixture. With these mashed decks, you will compete with others to capture bases, and score victory points. The base set comes with eight 20 card decks, the players each choose 2 and then the mayhem ensues.


Smash Up  Video Review

Here is a Smash Up review, we will be looking over the base set, and how to play the game. Hopefully this is helpful to you, if you are on the fence about buying this game, or even playing for the first time.

Really need to invest in a camera holder, because it is getting ever harder to “play” these games. 😉

Smash Up  My Review

Pros: This game has plenty of replay ability, because of all of the differing factions that can be mixed together. The base game has 8 factions, but the game as a whole has 37 factions. 

The expansions can be played all together, some people think that this makes the game a bit harder to follow, but it does add a layer of fun with in that complexity.

There is a lot of incentive to try new deck ideas, when a player continues to play the same deck over and over, the predict ability of their options rises. But when playing different match ups comes different playing styles.

Games are shorter, allowing more to be played. The game is also gentle on new players, as long as the veterans show how to play the game, and make some good deck suggestions.

Cons: The game is only 2-4 players, and when you do play more than that amount, the game unravels too much with down time and just clutter.


When you are at a base there is no counter to easily keep track of how many points you have at each base. Also some of the cards have additional triggers that give even more points on others turns. These things do not have any “good” solutions.


If you do not buy the Big Geeky Box for storage, you will run into some problems, because all of the current decks will not fit within the framework of the original box.

Even with the cons, the game packs a ton of fun within its 4 card board walls. The ability to mix different thematic elements together is plenty of fun. Some of my favorites are Zombie Pirates, Alien Timechangers, Wizard Princesses, and lastly Zombie Killer Plants (also known as the Plants vs Zombies).

What is some of your favorite combinations? What are some of your solutions to the Cons? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Smash Up Game Review”

  1. There’s another Con. The game doesn’t really specify a good faction-choosing mechanism. A friend of mine has been insisting on purely random assignment of factions, but selecting factions is an essential strategic element, taking that away altogether takes from the game. I have experimented a little with a compromise. Take one card from each available faction deck. Deal out that deck to the players. The players pick 2 factions from what they’ve been dealt. Incorporating a bit of randomness to the game forces complacent players to consider new decisions. It leaves the players with plenty of decision-making power essential to the game. And it’s fair.

  2. Robots! Zombie Robots, Robot Secret Agents, Miskatonic Department of Robot Studies. With the right faction supporting them, Robots are unstoppable. I have never lost a Smash Up game when I play Robots, although I have sometimes beaten others playing them.

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