Smash Up Geek Elder Things

Welcome to this week’s Smash Up Deck Spotlight with the Geeky Elder Things.

What is the goal of this deck? It’s simply to drive your opponent Mad. Quite literally fill their hand, discard pile and deck with Madness Cards.


So what are Madness Cards? They are action cards that allow the player to draw two cards or get rid of it. Why would they want to get rid of it, because for every 2 they have at games end equal -1 Victory Points.


This deck combo is not for the faint of heart. If you play MTG Blue also known as control, then this deck is for you. The Geeks have a control suit or should I say 2 interrupt cards in the form of Will Wheaton and Force of Will.


With this deck you are not completely focused on winning every base, but winning a few bases, you do need points and the minion structure in these decks do allow you to grab a few.


Filling your opponents hands will require strategy. Like playing Byakhee on bases with more than one opponent.


Do not play your Mi-go until your opponents have a few Madness cards and then remind them that these cards will add up to negative VP’s (you do want them to allow you to draw with this card, as you have no real good draw engine outside of the card Mulligan).

Once your opponents hands are full of Madness cards, you do want them to go into their decks. Play Banned List naming Madness to force players to put these cards into their decks. If your opponent has Madness cards play Min Maxing to play their Madness cards for yourself and putting them into their discard pile. Also the Power of Madness will force players to get these cards into discard pile.This is the crux of the deck.



Want to be in control, say an opponent really wants to get rid of a Madness card, you can block their actions with your 2 special interrupt cards: Force of Will and Will Wheaton himself.

If you are on the receiving end of this deck, you should choose a deck that uses Madness effectively. The best option I think is those good old guys and gals at the Miskatonic University, they love to play with Madness.


These Cards have awesome names too:

This deck is bringing the Power of Madness through its Unfathomable Goals. Begin the Summoning of the Elder Thing as it trips down that Non Infinite Loop.

It’s represented by Felisha and Will the ambassador’s of Geekdom. They are Spreading Horror of Min Maxing by a Force of Will.

You are deriving a Touch of Madness trying to pronounce Byakhee and Mi-go leading to your permanent Insanity.

This is just a bit of Madness.

Hope you have fun playing this crazy Mash Up.

Until next time,
Clinton Morris


2 thoughts on “Smash Up Geek Elder Things”

  1. Not a fan of the Cthulhu expansion, but solid deck strategies and cool article. Looking forward to more in the series.

    1. The only characters from that expansion I dislike is the Innsmouth, I just feel that the wording on their minions is wrong, really kills most decks teamed up with them. Did you have a favorite deck that you play.

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