Smash Up Wizard Princesses

Welcome to this week’s Smash Up Deck Spotlight featuring the Wizard Princesses.

Are they pretty and pink and everything sweet, or are they brewing potions and chanting ancient incantations from atop their lofty castle towers?

The 6 pretty ladies of the Princess Deck

These pretty little ladies are all 5 Star (Power) Women, who are ready to do anything to inspire fear and terror in the other players.

The hardest thing about playing the Princesses is that they have 6 Minions and 14 Actions, normal decks have 10 and 10. The pairing with these ladies must be a deck that has extra Minions or enough Actions to play extra Actions.

This Princess has her own Actions that she can manipulate

The Princesses dipped into the Dark Arts. Some have said that it was their isolated upbringing or their close encounters with wicked witches and ancient evils. I think its that they really wanted to make animals talk and have fairy friends. What ever their reasoning, this combination really works well.

The Wizards bring powerful cards that allow the player to play multiple actions on their turn. Also the Neophyte enters the board and has an over 50% chance of hitting an Action. The Enchantress adds more cards to the hand along with Mystic Studies.

The card drawing engines of the Wizarding Deck

Princesses do a lot of reading, but unfortunately their talents do not include drawing cards.

These masters of the arcane arts are able to play more actions

Even though these ladies look like they would not hurt a fly, they are the ones that swing the Iron Skillets; they are also the ones that call on their magical Fairy Godmother for the multifaceted help that they obviously require.


The Wizarding community can put together some explosive turns. They can Summon up multiple Minions a turn, and they can search through their own decks for their most powerful Actions. Running low on Minions then you can Portal, gaining Minions and valuable information.


This deck is down right fun to play. There were a few games where this deck did seem to fizzle out because either you were flooded with too many actions, but most of the time you can overcome this through the search mechanism a few of the cards give you.

As always play more games,

Clinton Morris


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