Sushi Go Game Review

Sushi Go Game Review

I love eating sushi. There are sooooo many different sushi rolls that you can get at your local Japanese Diners. The other day, I went to a place called SUMO and had a sweet potato sushi roll, it was super yummy. But I am not talking today about eat it on your plate sushi, but rather a cute and super entertaining mini game known as Sushi Go.

The game claims that it is a Pick and Pass Card Game, this means that you have a set of cards, you pick one and then pass yours to the player on the left, but this also is a set building game as well. There is quite a bit of strategy within this game, and if you are like me and my wife, you will be counting cards as well.

Sushi Go Game Video Review

Here is a nice brief over view of how the game is played. I am realizing that I may need to get a camera stand 🙂 it is getting a bit hard to review these games one handed. Maybe that is what I should name my reviews: “The one handed game reviews!” Enjoy the video.

Sushi Go My Personal Opinion

I really like this game. It has tons of replay ability, because of how light and quick the game can be played. DO you hate long waits for food at your local diner, well have this game in the glove box of your car or your wife’s purse, and you will transform that wait into a quick game.

The artwork is very cute, everyone wants to get their hands on some of those adorable little Dumplings.


I mean just look at them. . . and now I am feeling hungry.

The game takes all of 2 minutes to understand, and the rules are very easy to follow. If you like to keep your game safe it may be wise to buy some card sleeves, but the game is fairly inexpensive and most LFGS or even Barns and Nobles should have it.

If you are familiar with the term Drafting from card gamers. This small game is the basics of drafting. You want to grab up the best cards for yourself, and also make it so that the people around you will not be able to finish their own sets. 

So what do you think? Try this game out and please comment about some of your experiences. WHERE have you played this game? 

Happy Gaming,


Clinton Morris – Owner of Third Brain Games


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