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Kickstarter Backer Perspective Episode 5

Hello there it’s Friday, which means another episode of Backers Perspective. If you are unfamiliar with this type of article, it is me (Clinton Morris) scrolling through all of the board game projects on Kickstarter (there were 252); Then I discover a few that I think the rest of you would like to enjoy.

What is in-store for us today? Several games set within the infinite voids of space, either competing through diplomatic supremacy or winning race filled missions, and then off to the evil sanctum where you become the baddies protecting what is rightfully yours; after that we will dive into the depths of the dungeon as Orcs. Our last stop will be a mythical world of shifting realities. . .

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Backers Perspective – Top Hats and Treachery

Here at The Morris Standard, we got to take a first look at an exciting new “take that” card game called Top Hats and Treachery.  by Andrew Prowse and Rogue Artist Creations Ltd. If you liked Gloom and story telling card games with a Victorian era characters, then this game may be for you.

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