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Dust Review

This is not a remake of Risk. Imagine a world where the German Army discovered Alien Technology and used it to enhance themselves. All of a sudden Alien Technology is popping up across the world, and instead of the Allies winning the War, the battle is still raging.

Dust answers this question with a huge box full of plastic and cardboard. This is a 2-6 player tactical, area control, victory point, dice chucking game.

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Mobster Metropolis – Backer Perspective

Have you ever wanted to be a Gangster? Running the night to night affairs of a large syndicate on the verge of overloading a City. Mobster Metropolis offers its players this an unique gaming experience into this dark and mysterious underworld.

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This War of Mine – Backer Perspective

This War of Mine (TWOM) grabbed my attention from the first time I saw the title and the thumbnail art. I clicked into it and was immediately mesmerized by the video.

War, pain, poverty, and stark unfeeling reality smash you in the face. The game is more than just a game, its a story based upon human emotions and morals during the roughest times.

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