The Idea

The idea – Constructing a Boardgame

This is where it all starts. You have an idea for a game, but you have no clue of where to go now.

Many people will grab a notebook and not down a torrid of flowcharts and movements, but this is where it ends. Some will Frankenstein other games to help them create the prototype of their new game. 

I have designed countless games growing up, but none of these have been published. They sit in boxes and bags going no where. When coming up with a game idea, I begin with components. I have a large amount of old components to dead games that I use for new ones. The game must fit into a type of theme. In 2006, while hanging out with some friends a game was born from the rubble of Chess, Checkers, and Scrabble.


The name of the game was Regent, a strategic game that took the unique piece movement of Chess, combined with the capture mechanic of Checkers. The first play throughs were a joke, the game play was too long and the pieces did not do enough, but after a few weeks of play the game had solidarity. People watching it played called it 4 player Chess, so the pieces needed to have their own design. I will talk about this later on.


Game ideas are important and fun, but if you want to become a game designer all ideas then must be tested, and worked on, and potentially scrapped.

Stay tuned as we continue to discuss Constructing a Boardgame.

Clinton Morris

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