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This War of Mine (TWOM) grabbed my attention from the first time I saw the title and the thumbnail art. I clicked into it and was immediately mesmerized by the video.

War, pain, poverty, and stark unfeeling reality smash you in the face. The game is more than just a game, its a story based upon human emotions and morals during the roughest times.


I like a game that can cause my gaming group to think. Dead of Winter is a type of game that easily puts you into the place of your party as you make the “best” decisions for your group. And this feels like it will be something very similar.

This War of Mine as far as I could tell is fully cooperative (which is great for getting my wife to play). The pieces are huge, and the variety of them adds so much depth to the overall theme. The last thing I noticed is that there are over 1000 micro scenarios that both add to depth and replay-ability.


Michał Oracz, creator of the game have vast experience in production and delivery of highest quality games – he spent 15 years in Portal Games and was actively involved in production of titles like Neuroshima Hex (over 100k copies sold).

These are the types of quotes you want to see when reading about a game. They inspire the confidence that the project will get done.

The game is fully funded and my fingers are itching for me to click that Backer Button.

Please go and check them out and come to your own conclusion, while you can still get those awesome additional content.

Backer Perspective: is my own personal opinions about games that I see on Croudfunding Sites. You can take these comments as you see best.

Clinton Morris

Owner of Third Brain Games


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